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Web solution is the need of the hour for businesses. Someone needs to keep a close eye to the disruptive transformation taking place in technology. Technology can be upsetting. Who can set up the right extent of integration? We at Intellecta are not just another team providing web solutions. We strive for perfection. We devise a methodology that relates to the exact extent of the problem. And how do we accomplish this? We are a bunch of individuals lurking into the deep waters of technology. Our team of experts is abreast in solving web solutions including specializing in Data visualization, dashboards, API, mobile apps, websites, web applications, and ecommerce stores, CMS, CRM to name a few.

The customer’s voice is what we hear:

For once we firmly believe in equality of quality. If we are not happy with something how could the client possibly feel good? This corporate philosophy has won us business friends in different industries. We are Ruby stack engineers determining the specs of applications. Our sprints and milestones are easily track able. The user experience delivered from the Ruby and its associated platform improve the value proposition of the product under development.

The best outcome at your behest:

The shades of inefficiency are all too common. Only CTO can deliver the experience for befitting integration. We deliver what suits your business.

Don’t play the ‘hit and miss’ game?

Too often the startups make blunders, even if it is unintentional. Whatever the case may be; the outcome is impending failure. Nobody wants to experience this. The foundation needed to build a quality product is provisioned by us. The smart start to any technological digital convergence is adhering to the details. You are just another firm joining the bandwagon of online business. We can fill the gaping holes that can undermine the value of your business processes.

Trace what makes your product an ace:

Our experts are proficient in providing customized solutions on Ruby on Rails platform. The need to design and build next generation product was never so important previously.
Integrate your business with lean methodology. Speedy development of products for startups using cutting edge technology by our team of experts is accessible. The management of migration of web applications and quick user feedback is another necessity of modern day businesses.

What makes scalability realizable?

A well tested and sustainable bug free application is what the business need. The development process cannot afford disruption. Can you relate to this statement? What is hindering the spotless progression of business processes?
The existing scalability might be frail; go no far: our experienced Ruby on Rails experts trail the path that stream the trajectory of the business processes. The development of a high quality cross platform for web applications using lean methodology is what prosper business growth. We focus MVP iterations from idea, prototype to the final products within 3-4 weeks. More importantly the response and feedback cycle to develop the most optimum experience is rigorously tested by our team of experts.

It all starts with the big idea:

Your idea might be great but is it really catering to the marketing need. For new startups this could be an overwhelming situation. You need somebody to navigate the idea to the market. What factors must be understood before the product is introduced in the market? We can validate how to steer your idea into the finished product that actually delivers in the marketplace.

You will get more for sure:

We deliver the launch experience with the least number of features. Isn’t it great that the actual customer will provide you with the feedback?
Intellecta stands for excellence. We take pride in providing customized solutions. The speed with which technological convergence is taking over human imagination the need for technological integration was businesses was never so important.
Whatever aspects make the business vulnerable confine long term growth. Our goal is to fill every hole that slow down the pursuance of business objective. Our motto is delivering experience through methodological process.

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