We handcraft solutions for startups.

How we think

We provide CTO guide for your business startup.

  • Build MVP in 30 to 90 days.
  • Cost as per feature and sprint. We believe incremental is better in cost saving and gives focus.
  • Got an idea? lets talk

  • Collaborate and learn

  • MVP

  • Iterate

Our Workflow

The design of workflow sets the business process in motion. We dedicate focused approach as per the requirements of the startup. We provide the right type of integration to bolster the seamless integration of the business process. Check your strides whether it is heading in the right direction. We ensure an assured workflow in determining the deliverance of different project phases.

Your Access To Business Success

Digital product development requisite commitment and continual support. The expert assistance and professional insight in the development of digital products is our specialty. From website to an application we provide the platform that communicates real life specialism in handling numerous queries in various contexts. Any query is not a concern for us.

Our Process

Wait, it is important to debate when choosing a service provider. Critically evaluate why a specific service provider can add wheels to your startup success. Transparency infuses trust in any relationship.

The perfect use of language stack including PostgreSQL, Go, Clojure, Sinatra, Knockout.js, Backbone, React, iOS, Android, Node and Ember.js reveals our proficiency.

Collaboration with the right set of tool can drive speed and efficiency of the operations.



  • Develop a thorough understanding of the project
  • Case study approach including storyboards to delineate the project scope
  • Establish the project pathway


  • Draft the foremost experience through wireframes
  • Craft focused design to chart wireframes
  • Develop landing page with front end
  • Validate and iterate with user testing
  • Incorporate feedback to eliminate bottlenecks
Vector Smart Object1


  • Authenticate the data
  • Initiate small iteration for back end development
  • Coding the refined prototype